The Global Reaction To The Expendable Documentary

The mainstream media response to the release of the Expendable documentary, and its proven revelations of serious criminality, stemming from the very heart of an Australian government, was predictable. Silence. Not a single column inch, and no reference at all to any of the material which conclusively exposes the corruption of named individuals and agencies.

The internet reaction, however, was entirely the opposite, as a viral wave developed amongst those not under the control of the government or establishment.

This page provides a handful of examples of the reviews, videos and comments, which were published immediately following release.

               1. Online Reviews

               2. Video Responses

               3. Viewer Comments

               4. Random Snapshots

               5. Written Articles

               6. Letters From The Public

               7. Twenty-Five Hidden Truths

               8. Max Igan: Emergency Broadcast

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