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UPDATE: Crime Report - The Response Of The State

UPDATE: Emergency Broadcast: Australia In Crisis

UPDATE: A Formal Crime Report (Domestic)

UPDATE: The Taxpayer Funding Of AFP Censorship

UPDATE: Additional Video Streams Added To Documentary Viewing Page

UPDATE: Public Service Announcement (PSA) Audio

UPDATE: Third Party Hostility

UPDATE: A Mother's Appeal For Schapelle Corby

UPDATE: The Politics Of Suppression

UPDATE: William Moss v The ABC

REPORT: The Mental Illness Report Released

REPORT: The Candidate Sources Report Released

REPORT: The Quango Report Released

REPORT: The Prison Abuse Report Released

REPORT: The Opinion Management Report Released

UPDATE: Eamonn Duff, Allen & Unwin, And Fairfax Media

EXHIBIT UPDATE: Exhibit Set 5 - Released

REPORT: The Primary Smear Report Released

REPORT: The FOI Abuse Report Released

EXHIBIT UPDATE: Exhibit Set 4 - Released

REPORT: The DFAT Network Report Released

REPORT: The Political Seizure Report Released

REPORT: The PowderGate Report Released

REPORT: The Insider Report - Released

INTERVIEW: The William Moss Interview Released

UPDATE: The Activism Page

UPDATE: The Global Reaction To The Expendable Documentary

EXHIBIT UPDATE: Exhibit Set 3 - Released

REPORT: The Show Trial Report - Released

REPORT: The Supplementary Report - Released

EXHIBIT UPDATE: Exhibit Set 2 - Released

REPORT: The Whitewash Report - Released

UPDATE: Background - Australian Police Corruption

INTERVIEW: The Allan Kessing Interview Released

UPDATE: Intrusive Surveillance & Monitoring Of The Expendable Project By The AFP

REPORT: The Mutual Evasion Report - Released

UPDATE: Schapelle Corby's Failing Health - Content Addition

EXHIBIT UPDATE: Exhibit Set 1 - Released

UPDATE: The Absence Of Motive - Content Addition

UPDATE: Political Censorship & Mirror Sites

REPORT: The Transit Report Released

ANNOUNCEMENT: Library Opened - To Be Further Stocked As The Project Proceeds

ANNOUNCEMENT: Statement Of Operation

ANNOUNCEMENT: Project Release Schedule

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