The Australian & The 50th Anniversary Fabrication

As might be expected, from the outset, News Corp's publications have produced a litany of smears, fabrications and outright lies on the Schapelle Corby case. Often, the vulgarity of the abuse, pandering to the worst instincts of the lowest echelons of the society, has only been matched by its barely concealed prejudice.

At the 'top end' of the Murdoch titles, the vitriol has been more constrained. However, the disingenuity and the hostility hasn't.

The 50th Anniversary edition of The Australian provided a case in point. Slipped in here was a statement which the newspaper must surely have known to be absolutely untrue. Nor was it the first time that it had pressed this same false point.

The article below was published by Mathaba News International, and includes a detailed analysis of the motives and objectives behind the endless fabrications presented to the public as fact.

Exhibit 1 - Consular Note
Exhibit 2 - The Prosecutor
Exhibit 3 - DFAT Report
Australia-Indonesia Institute
The William Moss Affair
William Moss AFP Recording
Business As Usual

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