AFP Use Of Taxpayer Revenue: Sample Invoices

The AFP's use of taxpayer revenue to prevent Schapelle Corby from accessing information which relates to the conduct of government ministers and itself, is estimated to have exceeded $1 million. A significant amount of this has been spent on legal fees, and in particular, payments to legal firm Clayton UTZ, for "professional services".

The use of Clayton UTZ is referred to in the FOI Abuse Report as follows:
    "The close relationship of Clayton UTZ with the Howard Government is also worthy of note. For example, John Howard himself was a former employee, and deputy leader of the Liberal Party, Julie Bishop was a former partner. Generous political donations from Clayton UTZ are also documented.

    In effect, the AFP were now directing significant amounts of public money to Clayton UTZ to seek to protect themselves, and the (Liberal) Howard Government from potential embarrassment and worse. The same organization, Clayton UTZ, in turn, donated funds to Liberal politicians."

The following items, which constitute just a handful of samples, demonstrate how some of this public money was invoiced. Time was charged at variable rates, according to the task and the Clayton UTZ employee engaged. For example: a couple of hours to draft a memo, $343; a one hour telephone call, $328; 12 minute telephone call $49; 12 minutes to "peruse" an email, $81; two and a half hours to draft a statement, $589; two and a half hours to review documents, $722; 6 minutes in sending an email, $35; 54 minutes to prepare for a meeting, $323; 1 hour to draft a report, $215; 12 minutes on the telephone, $71.

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