MNA: Network Ten - The Renae Lawrence Fabrications

In April 2014, with Schapelle Corby gagged under the threat of re-imprisonment, the scene was set for the Australian media to put its own words into her mouth.

In an exercise of crass exploitation, Network Ten paid a reported $30,000 for an interview with a desperate Kerobokan prisoner, Renae Lawrence. For the recording, Lawrence, a heroin smuggler and a member of the Bali 9, stated that Schapelle Corby had made a secret confession to her, and that she had faked her mental illness.

Network Ten was well aware that Schapelle Corby had courageously refused to make a false confession, despite the immense pressure placed upon her throughout her long ordeal. It was also well aware that she had been diagnosed by a multitude of eminent psychiatrists, and that Lawrence herself had, at one stage, been charged with administering her psychotic medications.

The patently manufactured story was heavily advertised and broadcast regardless, and was subsequently reported across the entire Australian media as credible, and presented as a significant development.

The Mathaba News Agency reported these events as follows:

The ABC's Media Watch subsequently reported this as follows:

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