MNA: News Corporation Versus Schapelle Corby

Throughout the years, the coverage of the Schapelle Corby case by News Corporation (News Ltd) has generally been as prejudicial and hostile as the rest of the Australian media. It has been punctuated with misinformation, ridicule, smears, outright abuse, and censorship.

In the days following Schapelle Corby's release on parole, when the information published by The Expendable Project threatened to surface, a researcher was approached by The Australian newspaper.

The Mathaba News Agency reported these developments in an article of 22nd February 2014, which is copied below. It explains how, even when directly presented with incontrovertible evidence, a News Ltd journalist, Paul Maley, ignored the conclusive documents he had been shown, and produced a platform for long discredited and wholly unsubstantiated abuse.

Fortunately, the telephone conversation was recorded, and was also heard by three independent witnesses.

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