Armed AFP Raids On Schapelle Corby Targets

Fairfax Media's false story, speculating the payment of substantial sums to Schapelle Corby for her first post-release interview, fostered and promoted hostility in both Indonesia and Australia.

Whilst threats and a gagging order were forthcoming from Jakarta, Canberra wasted no time in sanctioning a direct AFP intervention.

As in 2007, when Schapelle Corby's book royalties were seized whilst she was still in legal process, with its consequential impact upon her appeal, proceeds of crime legislation was used as the pretext for a more sinister objective.

The process of intimidation which unfolded, not only supplemented the existing revocation of Schapelle Corby's human right to free speech, but resulted in the wilful breach of client-lawyer confidentiality on a host of serious unrelated matters.

The Mathaba News Agency (MNA) reported these disturbing developments as follows:


Australia has never faced up to this. Enquiries have come and gone, reports have been filed, debates have passed into history. The constant has remained: the AFP hierarchy`s influence has prevailed in suppressing full transparency, and preventing any accountability for clear unmitigated acts of criminality, flagrant corruption and systemic abuse.

The case of Schapelle Corby has come to represent a microcosm of this situation.

Throughout the lifetime of the case, the AFP has been shown to have wilfully withheld a host of vital primary evidence, lied directly to the media and to politicians, manipulated operational events, intimidated a series of individuals, engaged in hostile cyber-activity, and in latter years, used every means available to prevent exposure of this huge catalogue of abuse

Former Commissioner of the AFP, Michael Keelty, has been the co-subject of a Crime Report, which Australian politicians quickly, and almost comically in their haste, suppressed. His personal role has been documented in detail, and has recently extended to association with Queensland politicians, who misappropriated over $500,000 of taxpayer revenue to produce political smears against.. yes, Schapelle Corby.

An Expendable Project spokesperson has confirmed to Mathaba News International that further research is in progress, under an investigation known as Operation Passionflower.

Whilst the Australian media followed and reported the AFP`s recent abuses in raiding Channel Seven offices, an exercise of blatant intimidation, a more serious abuse was almost universally overlooked.

On the same day, 10 armed AFP personnel raided the office of Mercedes Corby`s lawyer.

However, they didn`t stop at searching for the non-existent contract covering an interview with Schapelle. They took copies of everything. EVERYTHING: including the 99.9% of information that had nothing whatsoever to do with Channel Seven.

In other words: all the data relating to the defamation case against Eamonn Duff, information relating to other pending legal issues, information relating to Mercedes Corby`s efforts to protect her sister in Indonesia.... everything.

This will have included any information which may relate to the AFP themselves, the Australian government, the parole application, media harassment, anything which her lawyer may have held on file or on his hard drives. This will also have included any confidential correspondence with third parties.

Can it get any worse? Yes, it can.

Already, leaks have started to appear in the Australian media: leaks which could have been custom chosen to undermine pending legal cases. Where have they appeared? Where else.... Fairfax Media.

In a nutshell, a heavily armed AFP gang raided a lawyer`s office, on a political mission, and stole copies of everything in sight. This is now being examined and is being used against the victim of the raid. All this is sanctioned, approved, endorsed and supported by the politicians in Canberra: the government of Australia.

This has nothing to do with ‘proceeds of crime`, as Schapelle Corby was going to speak for free. It has everything to do with gagging and intimidating her and her family... to prevent them from exposing the truth.

It has everything to do with preventing her from exposing the information published on this website: ... and from revealing the terrible experiences she has endured as a result of the corruption exposed, including AFP corruption.

Meanwhile, as always, no-one in any position of authority has a word to say. The human and legal rights of Schapelle Corby and her courageous family are again trashed, in full public view, and there are no objections from any quarter.

The AFP has a carte-blanche, with the AFP hierarchy and senior officers operating above the law, frequently engaging in political missions, and acting as a political enforcers. Their message to the public, and anyone who challenges them, is clear enough: don`t mess with us or anything might happen to you.

The bigger problem is that politicians in Canberra are missing in action. They tolerate this, and endorse it through silence. A significant number support and encourage it.

It is a characteristic of every authoritarian and human rights abusing state, and it`s entrenchment in Australia is increasing rather than diminishing.

On 26th March 2014, a federal court judge concluded that neither Seven nor Mercedes Corby had been suspected of committing any criminal offence. This, de facto, confirmed that the raids had nothing to do with the legitmate seizure of assets, and everything to do with politics and intimidation.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it also emerged that the AFP had 'misled' the magistrate in obtaining permission to launch the raids.

On 13th March 2014, the AFP informed Channel Seven in writing that its own actions were now defunct, given that the wider objective, the gagging of Schapelle Corby, has been achieved (courtesy of the Indonesian government).

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