NMA: Media Censorship Of The Expendable Project

The Expendable Project began publishing Australian government cables, correspondence, transcripts, internal briefings, and other material in September 2011. These are self-defining in terms of what they reveal, exposing, even without narrative, occurrences of misconduct which are without precedent in terms of scale and focus. In some cases, the information self-documents, not only clear abuse of office, but corruption and malversation.

Despite the grave and serious nature of this huge cache of official documentation, it has never been reported by the mainstream media in Australia. In practical terms, it remains censored from public scrutiny.

The article below was published, outside Australia, by the Mathaba News Agency, and was syndicated widely. It explores a number of the implications of a situation which shows no signs of abating.

Further information on the role and activities of the Australian media, with respect to the Schapelle Corby case, is available in a dedicated section of the this website.

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