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This page provides resources and materials for the promotion and advertising of the Dead Men Can't Sue documentary. To download the images, right click and 'save as' to your hard drive.

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The Trailer: Dead Men Can't Sue (The Anatomy Of A Smear)

[Courtesy of, and streamed from, The Truth Network]

The Movie Poster (Pre-Launch)

[Courtesy of, and streamed from, The Truth Network]

Preamble Text

"This feature length documentary was made by the people. The interviews included within it are with the individuals involved in the disturbing story itself. The interviews were conducted by volunteer members of the public. The audio narration and all the voice-overs were performed by ordinary citizens.

The script? It is simply a representation of the actual facts, in the order in which they unfolded. There is no fiction, theory, or allegation, simply the introduction of verified information.

Other than in excerpt clips from the Expendable movie, there are no professional actors, actresses or narrators. The film was produced as a community project in every sense of the word, with a mandate to present the truth, however harrowing"

From the Press Release (TN75)

"Through first hand interviews with core characters and police officers, court transcripts, formal correspondence, and a host of primary material, Dead Men Can't Sue examines the ruthless pursuit of Schapelle Corby's dead father, Michael Corby. It identifies those prepared to profit from proven fabrication, regardless of its impact upon a seriously ill woman and her desperate family.

It reveals years of disturbing output through the pen of the same individual, and documents how networks and production corporations sought to derive revenue from this, and present it to the public as credible.

Dead Men Can't Sue exposes the real story. It is a story that will shock journalists, publishers, and the public alike.

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