The Queensland Police Service - Crime report

In May 2012, a formal Crime Report was submitted to a number of government departments and agencies. This cited a single illustrative case, selected as one example from many, to enable simplified tracking of the process and response of the government.

It included a 450 page evidential Addendum, inclusive of hundreds of exhibits of government correspondence, memoranda, and other documentation. Collectively, these detailed a catalogue of abuses perpetrated against Schapelle Corby, in many cases, involving corrupt and criminal conduct.

Both these documents can be viewed directly in PDF form on the following web page: A Formal Crime Report (Domestic).

The response of the Queensland Police Service is detailed below.


The package was delivered and signed for on 23rd May 2012.

The immediate response indicated that the report and Addendum had barely been considered, as the buck was promptly passed to ACLEI.

The reply to this apparent disinterest pointed out that the Crime Report pertained to the activities of politicians, and other non-police related individuals, and that ACLEI, whose mission related to police integrity, was certainly not the appropriate party to investigate it:

As no reply was forthcoming, an additional email was sent on 7th August 2012. This also pointed out that ACLEI itself was incriminated in some of the offences documented by the report:

The reply from the Queensland Police Service was short and uncompromising:

Despite this unreasoned and unhelpful response, a final effort was made to explain and press the clear irrationality of this position:

The final response from the Queensland Police Service could not have been more blunt:

The Queensland Police Service simply refused to consider an investigation, immediately referring the report to a body which was directly implicated in the corruption documented within, and whose scope was limited to exclude politicians and other third parties.

Despite repeated notification of this disturbing situation, the Queensland Police Service refused any form of dialogue, directly abrogating any responsibility.

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