New South Wales Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione

In May 2012, a formal Crime Report was submitted to a number of government departments and agencies. This cited a single illustrative case, selected as one example from many, to enable simplified tracking of the process and response of the government.

It included a 450 page evidential Addendum, inclusive of hundreds of exhibits of government correspondence, memoranda, and other documentation. Collectively, these detailed a catalogue of abuses perpetrated against Schapelle Corby, in many cases, involving corrupt and criminal conduct.

Both these documents can be viewed directly in PDF form on the following web page: A Formal Crime Report (Domestic).

The response of New South Wales Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, is detailed below.


The package was delivered and signed for on 25th May 2012.

After several months without a response, a polite enquiry was made via the dialogue form on the NSW Police website. This solicited the following reply:

An explanation was provided as below:

Unfortunately, Mr Williams was now unable to find the delivered report:

The original information was again provided:

Despite further difficulty, the Crime Report was eventually located:

Ultimately, however, the outcome was disappointing:

Bizarrely, the NSW Police Force referred a report evidencing crime by the AFP, to the AFP.

Despite a clear explanation of the fundamental conflict of interest this created, and that many of the crimes documented occurred within New South Wales, and thus within their jurisdiction, the NSW Police Force abrogated all responsibility.

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