The AAT Report

Schapelle Corby’s efforts to gain access to information, held by the AFP on herself, through the Freedom of Information Act, began in July 2009.

The process, however, was dogged by delay, as the AFP used a variety of methods to evade its legal responsibility. This saga is documented within the FOI Act Abuse Report. The outcome of this process was characterized by extreme censorship, and a refusal to release entire documents.

It is against this background that a case was lodged with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), which represents the final step, under Australian legislation, in the applicant process to obtain information.

Unfortunately, this too was doomed to failure, as the deck was stacked, against Schapelle Corby, from the outset.

The following report details the proceedings, and the disturbing outcome, of the hearing.


As mirrored across a range of government departments, in practical terms, Schapelle Corby's democratic and legal rights, under freedom of information legislation in Australia, have been revoked. The State continues to hide and censor the disturbing information, which exposes its own conduct, from both Schapelle Corby, and from the public.

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