The Media - A Sincere Note Of Appreciation

The following letter was sent to all major newspaper editors and broadcasters by a member of the public in August 2012. Further correspondence from the public can be viewed on the letters page.

Dear Editor,

I hope that you received my last email, which explained the need to protect our chums at Qantas. You will recall that they told Parliament that the total weight of Schapelle Corby's bags was 65kg, but did not volunteer that this was 5kg OVERWEIGHT, yet she had checked in UNDERWEIGHT, with no excess baggage charge ($175). They didn't tell her lawyers either, even when they wrote and asked directly about the weight.

This information MUST remain hidden from the public, as must the overall Qantas submission to the 2005 Aviation Security Review, which also substantiates it.

However, it is even more vital that the following is never, ever, referenced in the media at all. Please read it carefully.

In July 2005, Messrs Ellison, Keelty and Howard discussed the fact that Schapelle Corby's bag was the ONLY BAG not scanned at Sydney Airport on the flight to Bali. Dynamite, of course. And yes, this was ON TOP of the fact that 5kg had magically appeared on the weight of her bags after check-in at Brisbane.

Imagine the difficult position of these three fine upstanding gentlemen, when they discussed this. Horror of horrors: it put the airport, the AFP, and the appeasement policy, back on the hook! All for one single working class woman.

Well... here is the problem we face today.

The Expendable Project has published letters between Ellison, Keelty and others, which conclusively PROVE that they all knew this, but WITHHELD it from Schapelle Corby, from the Bali court, and from Parliament. Ellison even blanked her lawyer directly, when he came asking specifically about scanning:

It goes without saying that this must NEVER get out, so please continue the ongoing silence.

Yes, it does get worse. They have also published a substantial number of other emails and cables, which damn our esteemed friends Ellison and Keelty even further.

For example, Ellison was caught telling a constituent, in writing, that Schapelle Corby had not asked the court for forensic testing. Unfortunately, her requests were formally recorded, as was her request directly to the Australian consulate, the prosecutor, and others:

Again in 2005, Ellison was made aware that, what the government had incredibly called a "murderous biological attack" on the Indonesian embassy, was in fact flour. Yet, in the days following, the false headlines were allowed to run, decimating Schapelle Corby's national support through fear of association with terrorism:

And again... oh never mind. You get the idea! There is a growing list, which apparently has a lot more to be added to it yet:

It is VITAL that NONE of these items are EVER referred to. Repeat, NONE. They do not exist.

The list for Keelty is even longer, including his association with certain gentlemen in our distinguished media.  Of course, I recognise that no-one in your industry would ever be influenced in any way, for example, by the lure of (false) exclusives, but you can imagine how it might look to those with nothing to hide (

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of silence on all these matters, as well as on the hundreds of government emails published on that website.

Please also continue to give credence to the proven fabrications and smears.
Another heads-up here though. THIS page debunks the lies our friends at Fairfax have worked so hard to spin, at considerable profit:

It will be okay. The government will never upset this applecart, for obvious reasons. I can assure you that Schapelle Corby is a free hit, with no comeback, so just publish whatever lies you can come up with. I recommend that you continue to focus upon her dead father so that there can be no legals (dead men can't sue): we don’t want another Seven Network defamation disaster on our hands.

Remember, we are all on this gravy train together.

By the way, a belated thanks for not reporting the problems the ABC faced a couple of months ago, when they were caught red handed by a viewer:

I should also take this opportunity to thank you for continuing to cut-out all of Allan Kessing’s statements about Schapelle Corby, when reporting his words (and for blanking his interview on that website), as well as a special thanks for brushing over her desperate mental condition with so much false froth.  The list, of course, is endless.

Finally, thanks for all your help over the years. Without it, our highly respected pillars of society would have been exposed and brought to justice long ago. Neither would we want all the hard work of those, like that splendid appeasing fellow Downer, who endorsed the human rights abusing show trial and proven racist sentence, to go to waste.

Always remember that Schapelle Corby richly deserves her never ending mental torture, for being so honest, and for refusing to make the false confession that we all wanted.  Burn the witch, and keep feeding the sheep.

You are serving the nation well, but continued silence is the watch word.

I'm so proud of you.

Until next time,

Selma Soul

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