A Letter To Bob Carr

The following note was sent to Foerign Minister Bob Carr, and a number of senior politicians, by a member of the public, in May 2012. Further correspondence from the public can be viewed on the letters page.

From: Simon Langford
Sent: 26 May 2012 17:29
Subject: For The Immediate Attention Of The Honourable Robert John Carr

Dear Mr Carr

I have in my hand the proof that you have been furnished with a report by a number of Members of Parliament: a crime report regarding activities relating to Schapelle Corby, involving Christopher Martin Ellison (former Minister for Justice and Customs) and Michael Joseph Keelty (former Commissioner of the AFP).

You will be aware that this documentation includes emails from these particular individuals, and others, regarding primary evidence in respect of Schapelle Corby's hugely controversial trial in Indonesia.

This primary evidence is of a critical nature. For example, the fact that her boogie-board bag was the only one not scanned at Sydney airport, and the fact that Schapelle Corby checked-in without excess charge, but her bags were subsequently 5kg ($175) overweight on the Qantas system.

Other examples, perhaps less directly related to the specific crime report, are that: listening device support of William Miller's claims that the drugs were his were buried by the AFP; that Schapelle Corby's efforts to secure DNA testing of the bags and material were thwarted largely from Australia; that hugely damaging now-proven fabrications were transmitted to Indonesia on a number of occasions; that... well, I am sure that you already know that there are dozens of examples, which are beyond contention.

The purpose of this email is to establish whether you have contacted the Indonesian government to explain this. Could you please indicate whether you have informed them of the evidence which was withheld from Indonesian courts from 2005? Have you provided the catalogue of evidence which The Expendable Project has sent to your department over the previous months?

You will understand that this material constitutes, to any rational mind, evidential proof of innocence. Thus, I am sure that you appreciate how important it is that this withheld evidence is formally submitted to the Indonesian government.

Have you undertaken this task?

If not, why not?

For clarity, I am not asking whether you have made "representations", or for an equally ambiguous response. I am asking whether you have provisioned, to the State of Indonesia, the vital primary evidence which was withheld, by the State of Australia, in 2005. Could you directly answer that question?

I have copied this email to a number of your parliamentary colleagues, for transparency reasons. I commit to forward your response to them, accordingly, to ensure that they are aware of progress or non-progress on this important issue.

Given the situation with respect to Schapelle Corby's deteriorating health, I hope that you will address this matter with the utmost urgency.

Kindest Regards.

Simon Langford

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