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Watching this I'm speechless; I have never ever seen such blatant abuse of human rights by one's own government; it has left me numb with one huge question: what happened to the people of Australia? No government can get away with something like this unless the nation stands by letting it; today it's Schapelle, tomorrow you, your children, grandchildren . . . are you going to stand there and be intimidated or deal with the reality

YOU, despicable members of the Australian media, authorities and the Government (sorry excuses for human beings) will all burn in hell one day.

And YOU, Australian people, how can YOU just sit by and watch - undisturbed, unperturbed, smug? Don't you know that Schapelle Corby is YOU? Yes, YOU! What are you waiting for, go out in the streets, en masse, and request her release (your own release) from the prison.

And send her energy and strength to survive. If it's not too late already....

@gorancacic36 Yeah fair enough but don't forget we are only just finding out this info as well. We were lied and conned into this just as you would've been

It is for the future generation that all Australians should NOW make it know that we view the actions of our Governments both past and present with disgust and contempt. If we don't now hold the present government accountable and call for immediate action, then future generations should also view us with that same disgust and contempt.

She may well be the convicted drug smuggler but sh'e innocent. Shame Howard,Downer and the Kelty, how do you live with that. Stupid question, you probably don't even think about it. Shame on you abc, i really thought better of you, i'd expect it from those other garbage tv stations pushing their lies,propaganda and socially degenerate USA style rubbish.What has happened to Australia

Ideos like this shows why ACTA and SOPA are being pushed world wide.... the goverments hate youtube and similar sites and the amount of thier lies/sickness/evil getting out into the public

I have downloaded and posted this to my you tube page with a link to your you tube channel. I also posted it to my facebook, though I must say I hardly get any people at my page. This is truly heartbreaking. It is the worst corruption I have ever heard of.

Fck the Australian government for doing this sh*t. Fck the Australian mainstream Media for their roll in it. If we let this go then we have lost our true democracy

Schapelle needs to be freed!!! - clearly this is 'an attempt' to cover-up the major flaws in the way our diverse societies interact. Protecting only the soul-less guilty that have to much power over decent ordinary people around the world.

WOW !!!!! Scariest video I've ever seen. I've long held the belief that governments care not one bit about indivduals, sadly, here's the proof. Why haven't I heard of this before? The owner of those “media outlets” should be forced to trade places (and bank accounts) with her. Truly frightening.

Heartbreaking. I feel sick to my very soul.

And these bastards will not lose a wink of sleep over her.

This world is fcked.

My heart goes out to that poor woman It's just more confirmation for me at how governments, police and the mainstream media collude with each other and are over represented by sociopathic egomaniacs who are willing to sell their souls and have very low levels of empathy for human life.

Hopefully eventually heads will roll (quite literally).

thank goodness for the internet-it's worth protecting & saving-just like Schapelle. the sooner we get these lot out of government & get some sort of transitional government in the better....roll on 2012

So clear the government - the Australian government is protecting their own assess - WAKE UP THE FCK UP YOU WORLD!!

I’ll be burning this and doing a letter box drop in my area, fck! Have to do something… hope others will do the same? This is shameful! We need to get her out because it’s obvious our criminal government will not…

It seems there is more than enough evidence now not just in this case but in many other cases that clearly indicates we have liars, thieves, gangsters & organized crime syndicates who are literally at the wheel of our great nation?

So what are you all going to say Australia when your children look you in the eye & ask bluntly ,what did you do about it mum ? what did you do about it dad ?

I guess being called a coward by your own child is one possibility or you could just lie to them ?


A clear KITE HIT STEEL PLANE MUST, cut and dry and then vacuum sealed space bag case, where the innocence is sacrificed and inhumanity reverberated by global government.

There are 1000 people a day watching this video if we all wrote a letter to the government they will be inundated can a sticky be added with instructions on where and who to write to?

The cops DEAL THE DRUGS, folks - get with it.

I really can't believe that such of cruelty could exist. I was familiar with this but I never believed that could be at such of scale. Stand up ppl and fight.

Cops run the drugs all over the world - that's how the 'game' is played. Money is power, and thus any source of either must be fully controlled - this is how it starts out, and it always ends with organized criminal government feeding upon the populace.They make money from passing the laws, from putting your kids in jail, and from selling them the drugs in the first place at great markup due to the criminalization they create. All fueled by taxes driven by this manufactured fear. Good job.

Holy sh*t. I thought that only CIA has such of abilities in smuggling drugs. But to be the police ant the imprisnment of innocent ppl is absolutly outrageous.

The people who have lied about Schapelle Corby or not fit to be called human garbage, they are vile, evil, coward scum!! I hope they burn in hell; Actually, I know they will.

Wow, 2 people so far that didn't bother to watch this excellent doco from start to finish. I really feel sorry for those people...

Wow. I'll help promote the film. Sorry to the Corby family. Permeable of the Australian Constitution says we the people are the government. The plague at Canberra are Lowy-Rothschilds new world order pimps. Indonesia gets away with genocide against East Timor. Australia (Alexander Downer had 3 days warning) washes it hand to that genocide , but some harmless plant Obama smoked, that's never killed anyone is a big deal? Cut funding to Indonesia and bring Schapelle home, RIGHT FCKING NOW!!!

I am in the UK and ex forces, send in your SF to release her and to fck what the Indonesian's say. GET HER RELEASED.

I have never witnessed such victamization given to one individual, Poor methods of conduct is a generous statement and manipulation of events by the club reaches intollerable levels beyond typical bulling behaviour. A clear , accurate account with fine detail provides the background to a case of kidnapping.

So WHY has NO ONE taken her OUT of this prison by force?? These 'courts' and 'judges' are ppl who bleed, see, taste, smell and breathe just like all of us.. IF a 'leader' or group of 'leaders' are found to engage in this conduct openly such is the case here on both sides of this (australia & Bahli)..I say fck it, hire some TRAINED individuals(such as Me) to go over and TAKE Shapelle OUT of prison.. TIME HAS ALREADY passed this by..there IS NO LEGAL WAIT SOME MORE?? NO!! Go get her

Shared, I pray she can get out alive.... and shame on everyone involved in putting an innocent person into a hellish prison like that, everything will come full circle in the end, one day they will stand in her shoes, and feel her pain, maybe then they'll see and understand how evil they have been.

Schapelle does not show on Australian media at all anymore (I live here.)

Our media is basically pure FOX news.

I thought we might have learned our lesson with Lindy Chamberlain?

One of these days, it could be one of us, or our kids, being scapegoated without recourse to justice. Injustice for one is injustice for all.

This needs to go viral, right now, or it will be too late for Schapelle to ever recover from the injustice done to her.

The whole story stunk to high heaven when it was unfolding and it still stinks now. We were fed total BS by our government and the media from the very beginning and this needs to get out.NOW

Hang in there Schapelle, I pray that you will be free again very soon.

What hope has anybody got, we are ruled by Psychopaths. I fell for the girl.

My heart hurts for Schapelle and her family, I can't imagine how helpless they must feel up against this degree of corruption....I'm praying for you Schapelle and family and shame on you Australia.......

This is an utter disgrace .. but certainly not surprising when it comes to GOVERNMENT and BIG BUSINESS!!!

This is unacceptable.

Aussies boycott that place,stand up for your sister!

What a disgrace! Im disgusted by Australia's corrupt government which is almost as bad as my own! A filthy disgrace!!!!

In fact, I will feature it on my channel as well. That should hopefully raise the view count.

I used to run a fireworks company and know for a fact that the baggage handlers at our airports (Australia) are corrupt. Not only do they smuggle drugs, using people's baggage like this, (usually interstate, this has been an accident in this case where the drugs wre not removed in time) but also fireworks. I know they smuggle fireworks interstate via baggage handling and higher ups than just the baggage handlers are involved. I have been a witness in a case involving just such a transaction.

This is incredible. My views on this case has swung like a pendulum from guilty to innocent and often wondered if we would ever really get the truth. Well, looks like it's arrived. Spread the word.

A sad sad sad commentary on mankind. A note to Shappelle. You have put a face in how governments and their pervasive sychophants go to the pit of corruption. May you rise from this

Posted it on facebook :) good luck! I think the whole world is in this BS now, I dont know what to do. I am going to learn to live off the land so I can leave society when it gets too much...... wish I could help.

Someone start a petition to get this poor woman released!!

Indonesia is one fcked up country. I seriously hope the U.S. doesn't become like that. Just for having a lot of herb she gets 20 years.... that is so fcked up....

Consider it past on here. Liked and Favorited. Our prayers are with her.
spnmn36 in playlist AAAAAAaaa_______

So sad, as if we needed another reason to turn our backs on this corrupt system

The Australian government disgusts a lot of us Australians - sure the party may have changed since then, but they are all equally complicit in corruption and disregard of the Australian people.

Liked, favorited, embedded to the crowhouse and shared on facebook.

Good thing for the 'marked' ones that they have undergrond bunkers to go to, AND guns have been taken away from Australian citizens.

That tore my heart out. I am so ashamed of and furious at my government. John howard and every one of his stooges including the TV hosts should be in a cell like that pumped full of psychosis inducing drugs. What heartless bastards are inhabiting our airwaves. Love to you Shappelle, OzzieEd.

This is devastating (and death is certainly a welcome outcome for her, I understand her completely).....My heart goes out to all innocent....DO NOT go to Bali....not worth the risk....AND NEVER depend upon Australia for help in any way, just as corrupt as the U.S government..and all governments.....Two very LARGE lessons....
marypoppins2009 in playlist Lost of Freedoms & Liberties

Wow,..poor girl.. I hope she gets justice and is freed...liked and faved

We have always supported Schapelle Corby. We studied it all. The people that corrupted the case are going to hell. And I'm not being mean or weird, we found out there is a hell. People have to be more loving and honest, or they are doomed. We are only in our bodies for a very short time. Like attracts Like in the Universe. If people are evil and corrupt, they will meet evil and corruption for a long time in the after-life. See the main video on my YouTube channel. And don't just laugh at it all.

Although there is a little too much music and appeal to emotion for my taste, I think this may be the best documentary I've seen on the extent of government corruption in my country, esp. on the use of multiple agencies, including the ABC, to enforce an agenda.

Interesting and well done. Thanks.

Looks to be a set up. I wonder what she knows about someone of power... People tend to disappear in an instance if they know too much.

Corrupt governments are everywhere. People need to stop allowing them to play them like this. They knew the truth and they stood by and did nothing but join shameful. Public outrage is the only solution. Resist the urge to sit out and wait and see.

In a way they're using the same tactics of ridicule used on the 9-11 Truth Movement, except one defenseless person is held up for ridicule instead of a large movement, which is a worse crime because one person is the focus of so much cruelty. I would have to go back to Jesus to see an example of one person hated and scorned by the whole world. God has a special place in his heart for the martyr, Schapelle Corby.

The reason why this happens is because countries black mail politicians and they have to do exactly what they are told. Politicians do not care about their country or the people, they only interested to steal from people. Isnt that the case of USA with Israel?

I feel for this young beautiful woman. I hope she will be freed. this is wrong. when she will be free shee needs to sue the sh*t out of Australian government and other abusers.

Just as in the Chamberlain case we can see just how easily the Australian people can be manipulated.

This unquestioning nature of the mainstream Australian makes us putty in the hands of our masters, we'll buy into any dumbassed story without question in spite of the so called Bullshit Meter we proudly claim is part of our psyche. In reality it doesn't exist and we should hang our heads in shame.

Free Schapelle Corby! I wish Anonymous would attack the Indonesian government servers or the airport camera systems! get that airport footage if its out there and set her free!

My ongoing support to free Schapelle Corby. Thank you for this work. The Australian Embassy in D.C has heard from me demanding action.

Liked and added to Favorites, Please do the same to spread this video far and wide

I am so glad to see the truth finally come out now lets get it so the world sees it... i have been sending to word out to to everyone i can to hope this helps

I'm glad to see this out..I've been a supporter of Schapelle since I saw the documentary on HBO and I'm in the USA...I have been getting the word out as much as I can thanks for posting this...praying for Schapelle

She may well be the convicted drug smuggler but sh'e innocent. Shame Howard,Downer and the Kelty, how do you live with that. Stupid question, you probably don't even think about it. Shame on you abc, i really thought better of you, i'd expect it from those other garbage tv stations pushing their lies,propaganda and socially degenerate USA style rubbish.What has happened to Australia

@chotaboy66 I'm giving this comment a massive thumbs up and i hope and ask my fellow countryman, decent real Aussies to do the same, please. This comment needs to be at the top, this NEEDS TO BE READ BY ALL OF OUR PPL

An awesome effort by all involved that exposes much of the occult networks tactics and complexity of membership. It's not just your politicians, it's your celebrities who have an obligation that is hidden from those who see them as role models . This really is top notch data in so many ways .

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