Activism: How You Can Help


There are many things you can do to take the information exposed by The Expendable Project to the world, and to help Schapelle Corby. The following is a list of some which you might consider:

1. Join a group of supporters.

    The biggest and most active is the People For Schapelle Facebook Group. Tell your friends, colleagues, and family about Schapelle. Direct them to this web site, so that they can inform themselves.

    There is also a mailing list, for campaign updates and news. You can join this by sending a blank email to, with a title of NEWS. This will only ever be used for this purpose, and emails will only be periodic.

2. Write letters, send emails, or telephone politicians.

3. If you live outside Australia, you can also email, write to, or telephone the local Australian embassy or consulate.

4. Contact the media

    For the international media, ask them to report any aspect of The Expendable Project.

    In Australia, the media are well aware of it, but suppress and censor the information. In this situation, emails letters and phone calls are still encouraged, particularly where smears or fabrications are being reported (eg: a telephone complaint to the ABC:

5. It is critical that the truth emerges, despite ongoing efforts to suppress it. You can play a vital role in achieving this, both online and offline


    The following are examples of where you can post information on Schapelle, The Expendable Project, and ideally a link to

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Forums
    • News comment boxes
    • Blogs
    • Emails to any relevant party
    Perhaps place a Schapelle or Expendable reference in your sig, or on your homepage, or similar.


    • Create, print and distribute leaflets:

    • A ready made example can be downloaded or printed from here:
    • Burn and distribute your own DVDs
    • Identify local targets, such as the offices of politicians, media buildings, related commercial entities (eg: Qantas), and similar. Events and targets can be discussed on the Facebook Group.

8. Sign the petitions

9. If you have any particular skills or talent, use them: paint a picture, write poetry, write songs. Use your skills to touch the hearts of others, and inform them of this shocking situation.

10. Posters, banners and cards are available on the Expendable Resources page. These can be downloaded and used as appropriate.

11. Never give up.... failure is not an option.


To have the most impact, always try to make your letter personal to whoever it is being sent to.

The following tips may or may not be relevant to the specific situation:

  • Try to make your letter to the point, stressing the main issue
  • Feel free to copy/paste any material from the Expendable.TV website
  • Refer to for more information, if appropriate
  • Always be polite and even in difficult circumstances, try to avoid showing anger (it is not always easy)
  • Don't hesitate to ask for a response


This segment will offer factual content for template letters. Coming soon.

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