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The Expendable Project conclusively proves self interest corruption and criminality at the heart of the Australian establishment, in pursuit of political expediency. It proves a ruthless onslaught against a wholly innocent citizen, to protect both political and commercial interests.

Over a period of six months, this information has been brought to the attention of both the Australian government, and the mainstream media, within that nation. Despite the gravity and authenticity of the material, the response has been self incriminating silence from both these parties. This represents, in practice, a lock down on information which is of the most fundamental importance, in terms of the political integrity of the state.

There is no question that this situation is not fully understood. Both parties are patently aware of the national significance of government ministers wilfully perverting the course of justice, systemically committing perjury, and engaging criminal conspiracy in pursuit of political and commercial objectives. They are well aware of the implications for those individuals involved, and for the political establishment itself, should this information reach the mainstream domestic public.

Unfortunately, this situation, of the self imposed censorship of information, of which disclosure is patently in the public interest, shows no sign of abating. Indeed, the self evident indifference, of both the political hierarchy and the media, to serious corruption, and to the suffering of the innocent victim, further incriminates both parties.

The information, revealed by The Expendable Project, is therefore to be taken to institutions, agencies, and governments, outside Australia. One aspect of this will be the submission of the Expendable documentary, and the Expendable Dossiers, to organizations such as the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.


The Expendable film, and The Expendable Project reports, constitute evidential proof of criminality and corruption at the heart of a former Australian government, with respect to the Schapelle Corby case. This also embraces a number of agencies and corporate entities.

The documented offences are serious, and include perversion of the course of justice, perjury, and conspiracy, as defined under criminal law. They are crimes which would render you or I subject to immediate arrest, and subsequent imprisonment.

In the context of the wilful abuse of a position of political power, held at the heart of a government, and with a citizen's life at stake, they are crimes which should trigger national outrage, and a judicial and political response commensurate with the gravity of the offences.

Yet, the Australian government has failed to even officially acknowledge The Expendable Project investigation. It has failed to act upon either the prima facie evidence, or the documentary proof, that it has been presented with, in full knowledge of the material facts of the situation.

The individuals responsible for said criminality and corruption have therefore escaped prosecution and all sanction for their offences.

From an international political perspective, this is a central and critical point. It constitutes the government of the state of Australia condoning serious criminal acts, which continue to have severe consequences for the innocent victim.

This abrogation of direct responsibility to uphold the law, motivated by political expediency, contravenes a host of international norms and statutes, and escalates the entire issue. It constitutes an unlawful position adopted by the state, and is thus an issue which is subject to international scrutiny and sanction, where appropriate.

In a situation where the government of a nation is shown to be in breach of its own statutes, and where it is patently failing to support the maintenance of the human rights of its citizens, remedy can be sought by direct reference to international agencies and organizations, including the United Nations and the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Such reference can be initiated by citizens of that nation, in this case Australia, and by citizens of the rest of the world.

With respect to Schapelle Corby, the Australian government is well aware of the illegal acts perpetrated by individuals within the John Howard administration, the Australian Federal Police, and other institutions. It is aware of the abuse of Schapelle Corby's human rights. It is aware of the suppression of vital evidence and information, including suppression by mainstream media organs within its borders. It is aware of the proven cases of perversion of the course of justice, perjury, criminal law conspiracy to commit these acts, and other serious offences. It is also aware of allegations pertaining to acts of treason, and other federal statutes.

The government's refusal to acknowledge even the existence of the material published by The Expendable Project is thus, in itself, a position which renders it subject to the scrutiny of the appropriate international institutions.

Accordingly, and from this basis, research materials and information, as produced by The Expendable Project in the form of the Expendable Dossiers, are to be submitted to these organizations for their consideration. These will support formal complaints regarding the conduct of individuals, agencies, and the Australian government itself, which will be lodged in the coming weeks and months.

It is important that these submissions are seen to be made by, and on behalf of, citizens from across both Australia itself, and the rest of the world. Collectively, we represent no faction or group, have no political agenda, and have no hidden motive.

These submissions and complaints are being made with the sole intent of ensuring justice and accountability with respect to the Schapelle Corby case, and to restore the human rights of Schapelle Corby herself, whom the Expendable materials patently demonstrate to be innocent of any crime. They are being made in the hope that the Australian government will finally choose to meet its primary responsibilities, namely, to protect its citizens, and apply and uphold its laws equally and objectively, regardless of the stature of office held by those shown to have committed serious crimes.

We are therefore inviting all concerned citizens of the world to add their names to these submissions. This includes citizens in every state of Australia, and every nation.

If you are willing to assist, by adding your name to the complaints and submissions, please complete the form on the following web page:

All names will be exported from this website database, and added to the documentation when it is ready for submission.

Thank you for your support, in the name of justice, integrity and humanity.

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