Evidential proof of every abuse documented in the film is available in the report and exhibit sections of this website.

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Having been diagnosed as mentally ill in 2009, Schapelle Corby continues to deteriorate, with first hand accounts of appalling incidents emerging regularly, including a serious overdose of her medication in July 2011. Her government continues to turn a blind eye to the ongoing abuse of her human rights, and the alarming deterioration in her mental and physical condition.


The Mental Illness Report
Mental torture, human rights abuse, cruelty
The Prison Abuse Report
Human rights abuse, intimidation, discrimination
A Humanitarian Appeal
Begging for Schapelle Corby's life

"The grave reality for a desperately sick woman could not be further from their collective consciousness. The gut wrenching horror of Schapelle Corby's existence is as likely to occur to them as the stark truth that she is certainly innocent. It is as distant in their thoughts as the travesty of the show trial, or the unspeakable mind breaking terror that Schapelle Corby has lived for approaching seven years.

This national soap is real life unremitting torment for the victim. She really has lost her sanity as a result of the injustice, trauma and sheer brutality of her situation. She really has been deserted by a government obsessed with appeasement, and equally desperate to cover systemic corruption within its own institutions.

She really is the ultimate political punch bag, already destroyed and beaten almost to death by two complicit nations


"When she wasn't staring into space and rocking from side to side, or looking around intently seeing cameras everywhere and who knows what other demons, she was making frequent references to suicide and death. From time to time the Schapelle I remember would resurface from the depths, but this occurred infrequently. From other comments she made, and intense references to her dead father, I fear I may not see her again."

"Schapelle now thinks she is ugly and this could very well be attributed to the media. She also thinks she is stupid, which is probably due to bullying and taunts like the white monkey ones. Her defences are gone and she is vulnerable and open to everyone and anyone."

"When we left the prison and were being driven back to our hotel in a cab, we were both crying for most of the journey."

"At one stage she sat on the floor with my daughter's stuffed frog that plays tunes and she was there holding it for 90 minutes without moving."

Schapelle was a strong minded person then, determined not to crumble and determined to prove her innocence. Now she’s like a timid little child who cowers when I scold her for doing silly things like climbing the water tower.”

She’s always talking about being better off dead. I’m really concerned for her. She’s definitely not sane any more. She talks about “going down” which means down into a grave. She says she would be better off dead.”


"Schapelle Corby is suffering a slow and torturous death, devoid of human rights, and devoid of any protection by her government."

“All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing”

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