The Departments Of State

Evidential proof of every abuse documented in the film is available in the report and exhibit sections of this website.

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Both the volume, and intensity, of recorded hostile actions against Schapelle Corby, by a multitude of government departments, illustrate the unprecedented level of commitment from ministers to the central government policy to sacrifice her. The self interest, and commercial aspects, are equally visible.

Department after department were deployed, not only depriving Schapelle Corby of her constitutional rights, but often, proactively undermining her future prospects and welfare, as she struggled to survive in Indonesia.

The following reports and exhibits document a number of the specific acts of hostility emanating through a range of Australian government departments and agencies:


The Transit Report
Wilful withholding of evidence, lies, and cover up
The Political Seizure Report
Appeal sabotage, abuse endorsement, and extortion
The PowderGate Report
Exploitation, misinformation and manipulation of perception
The DFAT Network Report
Hostile propaganda, lobbying, and misinformation
The Mutual Evasion Report
Duplicity, evasion and misrepresentation
Supplementary Report
Equivocation, withholding, and evasion of responsibility
Allan Kessing Interview
Allan Kessing explains the political cover up
The Whitewash Report
The Cover-Up Of The AFP's Political Role & Corruption
Robert McJannett Interview
Kerobokan brutality, Bali corruption, Canberra cover up
The FOI Abuse Report
Complicity, cover up, and abuse of legal rights
The Show Trial Report
Legal and human rights abuses at the Bali trial
The Quango Report
Cover-up, complicity & the sanctioning of abuse
The Insider Report
The Australian decimation of Schapelle Corby's appeal
The Prison Abuse Report
Human rights abuse, intimidation, discrimination
The Mental Illness Report
Human rights abuse, mental torture, cruelty


Exhibit 1
A very clear message to Indonesia
Exhibit 2
Writing the script on the withheld evidence
Exhibit 3
Another boogie-board bag letter
Exhibit 4
The mechanics of sacrifice: the meeting
Exhibit 5
Preparing the script across departments
Exhibit 6
DFAT duplicity: the testing request
Exhibit 7
Schapelle Corby: the hot potato
Exhibit 8
Ellison's public facing letter template
Exhibit 6
The ignored sentence discrimination complaint
Exhibit 10
Evading the issues: Prime Minister
Exhibit 11
Confirmation of reality: testing request
Exhibit 12
Independent enquiry request rejection
UN Report
The absence of motive: United Nations
Deteriorating Health
Human rights abuse via neglect
Exhibit 13
Enforcing the policy to sacrifice a citizen


Whilst previous extracts have covered the roles of the AFP and ABC in supporting the government’s political decision to sacrifice Schapelle Corby, this extract considers the role of a multitude of other departments, including the DFAT, DPP, AGD, Justice & Customs, ASIO, and even the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s office.

Many of the examples shown, of deployment against Schapelle Corby, are both harrowing and deeply disturbing. The first demonstrates how a white powder hoax at the Indonesian embassy was grossly misrepresented to undermine public support for her, with false information and shockingly unsubstantiated allegations stemming from government ministers.

From there the film gathers pace, covering, for example: the seizure of Schapelle Corby’s book royalties under new legislation, revenue which was intended to enable her mother to visit her, for medicines, and for legal costs; the refusal of the DFAT to seek to prevent the Indonesian’s from burning the marijuana, which Schapelle Corby desperately sought to have tested for its country of origin; and shockingly, the withholding of vital primary evidence.

The mood music for the film is created through the shockingly hostile and dismissive comments of government ministers, coupled with the rubber stamp nature of the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Office, illustrated with predictably evasive and negative response correspondence.

The sheer number of government departments, and the staggering number of incidents, tells the story, even without dialogue, yet these represent only a subset of what Hidden World Films could actually have included in the documentary.

The Allan Kessing comment at the very end of the extract is cutting; an incredibly sharp conclusion to an astonishing story of a government losing sight of morality and humanity.

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