Third Party Hostility

Since the publication of the first Expendable report, in September 2011, a significant number of hostile acts have been perpetrated against the internet properties used by The Expendable Project, and increasingly, against individuals associated, by third parties, with the project.

These acts have been initiated by Australian government agencies, Australian corporations, and a number of related and unrelated persons.

They include the unlawful monitoring and intrusion of project web site properties, the freezing of donation accounts, the covert video surveillance of individuals, unlawful efforts to construct false evidential trails (which would support the potential seizure of computer equipment), direct legal threats, legal actions, abusive and threatening correspondence, false public allegations, and verbal and written threats of a sinister nature.

The individuals targeted bear no responsibility for any Expendable project publication or broadcast, but rather, have been subjected to this attention by virtue of location in Australia, relatively high profile support for the project's objectives, and in some cases, simply through submission of material to The Expendable Project for consideration.

In one case, a targeted individual has required emergency hospitalisation, through the acute aggravation of a heart condition.

These hostile acts, against innocent individuals, are being meticulously documented. They are considered to be vexatious, malicious, unlawful and pre-meditated, designed to intimidate, and deflect, The Expendable Project from its mission.

Appropriate and measured responses, with respect to the perpetrators, are currently under consideration.

Note that The Expendable Project has been structured specifically to withstand such malevolent and ill conceived tactics, with defence of the project network and infrastructure being a key priority. Identification of the project decision structure is not possible, and all central decisions are taken outside the jurisdiction of the state of Australia.

We can assure all supporters that the project and network is durable enough to withstand any effort to disrupt its operations, and thus, to suppress the truth it was created to reveal.

"No matter how strong the wind of evil may blow, the flame of truth cannot be extinguished" ~ Dalai Lama XIV

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