SHOW TRIAL REPORT: The Australian Government

Despite the clear and serious issues and abuses documented in this section, the Australian government repeatedly endorsed the proceedings. This is illustrated, for example, by many of Foreign Minister Alexander Downer’s unhelpful public statements on the case, both during and after the trial.

“We've no reason to believe, whatever people may feel
about the allegations made against Schapelle Corby and
the charges brought against her ... that the court is behaving
at this stage in an inappropriate way”

It has also since emerged that the Australian government and the AFP wilfully withheld a considerable amount of evidence from Schapelle Corby and her lawyers, some of which was critical primary evidence.

In addition, a number of other reports illustrate that the Australian government repeatedly evaded their obligation to provide assistance, including refusal of the AFP to undertake investigations in Australia, refusal to press specifically for testing of the marijuana, and failure to invoke the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act.

For Schapelle Corby, this was only the start of an unending catalogue of legal and human rights abuses which she was to suffer over subsequent months and years.


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