Schapelle Corby's Book

With author Kathryn Bonella, Schapelle Corby wrote a book from her prison cell to tell the world exactly what happened to her. In Australia this was titled 'My Story' and was a best seller.

The royalties from this were intended to fund a special legal appeal, pay for visits by her mother, and cover the costs of essential medicines. Unfortunately, the Australian government seized these funds, under Proceeds of Crime legislation. This was the first time in Australian history that such legislation had been extended to book royalties.

Kathryn Bonella, who quickly understood that Schapelle Corby was wholly innocent, gave the following interview when the book was launched. Note that this was prior to the final appeal, and before Schapelle Corby's health went into rapid decline:

Overseas, the book was titled 'No More Tomorrows'. It can be purchased through Amazon via the following links:

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The Expendable Project fully endorses the accuracy and contents of the book.

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