The Intrusive Surveillance & Monitoring Of Expendable.TV

Today’s report represents a short interlude in our publication schedule. It has been produced to illustrate that some of the hostile measures which we anticipated would occur, at the outset of the project, are materializing in practice.

Several days ago we identified information which suggested that efforts were being made to close down the Expendable.TV website. We issued a bulletin at the time. Consequently, we took the requisite steps to mirror the site, and we placed on record that the project material was obtained legally, and that our team had not broken any law, including in the United States, where the website is hosted.

Regrettably, however, emerging evidence indicates that the response of the Australian authorities has been to launch another unwelcome initiative.

The report below demonstrates the deployment of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Department of Defence (DoD). It evidences intrusive monitoring and surveillance, and the application of software commonly deployed to steal website content and scan for security vulnerabilities. A number of The Expendable Project gatekeepers have also reported highly suspicious incidents, both online and offline. The FBI has been notified of these developments, but has failed to respond.

This growing catalogue of intrusive incidents by state agencies is extremely disturbing. We should make it clear, however, that any covert and illegitimate efforts to cease or disrupt publication of Expendable Project disclosures will be vigorously resisted.

Unlike Wikileaks, The Expendable Project has had no support from any mainstream media organization. Indeed, as of the current date, the entire Australian media has neither broadcast nor published any of the information which we have revealed.

Given its gravity, authenticity, and serious subject matter, this raises inevitable questions relating to media affiliation, plurality of ownership, and the freedom of the press in that nation. The information is patently of significant national interest. Its disclosure is most certainly in the public interest.

Whilst we maintain hope that the mainstream media may yet take the project revelations to a wider audience, the project materials will remain open to access online, and will continue to be distributed globally by our volunteer network. We invite all organizations and individuals to assist with this endeavour, as this remains the best defence against covert attacks on our democratic freedoms, and enhances the prospect of enforcing accountability for the serious abuses The Expendable Project has documented.


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