EXHIBIT: The Mechanics Of Sacrifice - The Meeting

On 7th April 2005, Justice & Customs Minister Christopher Ellison attended a meeting with the Indonesian Attorney-General, at which the Australian Attorney-General was not present. The subject of their discussions was Schapelle Corby.

Schapelle Corby's lawyers believed that Ellison had sought only to avoid the death penalty, which the Australian government would have been forced to oppose. They believed that he had effectively signalled that any other sentence would be manageable from the Australian government's perspective.

The following priority cable was sent from the Australian consulate in Jakarta to Canberra on 12th April 2005.

This was followed up the next day, when the cable below was sent from the Bali consulate:

Yet again, this entirely contradicts the picture which the Australian government were presenting to the media, the public and even the Australian parliament.

To this day, the Australian government continue to refuse to give any account of this meeting, or provide a transcript, either written or verbal.

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