EXHIBIT: AFP Duplicity - The Changing DFAT Request

The Australian government's evasion of its statutory and moral obligation, to assist Schapelle Corby with respect to her efforts to have the marijuana tested for country of origin, is documented in The Mutual Evasion Report.

During this process, the need for frequent retrospective revision was inevitable.

The following briefing note, to Justice & Customs Minister Christopher Ellison, clearly refers to DFAT's formal written request to the AFP to secure the requisite testing:

However, as the government's policy unfolded against Schapelle's Corby's interests, as evidenced throughout The Expendable Project, this was subsequently revised to a mere discussion:

This was not the only reference to DFAT's formal written request within the myriad of documentation secured for the project. However, such references, following the above briefing date, uniformly ceased.

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