The Expendable Project

In May 2005, an innocent woman was sentenced to 20 years in an Indonesian prison, after 4.2 kg of marijuana had been found in her luggage on arrival in Bali. However, her fate had been determined not in Bali, but in the duplicitous corridors of Canberra.

After 13 torturous years Schapelle Corby finally returned home to Australia. Although she is now free, justice remains un-served and the culpable remain unaccountable and unpunished. Their legacy is the promulgation of a culture in which iniquity and prejudice thrives, and the innocent are expendable to the whims of the powerful and privileged.

This case reveals what happens when an individual's human rights conflict with the flagrant self-interest of malfeasant politicians. It exposes the consequences of allowing the corrupt to wallow under the protective failings of a squalid and insular media.

The existence of this website proves that, against this type of background, the acquisition of conclusive evidential proof is not sufficient. The data obtained and published by The Expendable Project has been censored, maligned and misrepresented by a media which has invested exclusively in fictitious trivia and false conspiracy theories, whilst pandering to the worst instincts of a largely inured population.

Throughout, the establishment, inclusive of the judiciary, had no stomach for the implications of what was revealed by this material. The closed ranks embraced not only subsequent generations of politicians, but a range of institutions and organs of state. Cultural prejudice and social entrenchment also ensured that those parties masquerading as the purveyors of civil and human rights remained silent and acquiescent.

Whilst this case is unique in some respects, common strands pervade many others. Indeed, during its investigation The Expendable Project was furnished with evidence relating to a number of them. Direct approaches to Australian authorities, and offers to forward the information, were simply ignored.

This is Australia's dirty little secret. It remains an unambiguous and ongoing measure of its diminished moral standing and lost integrity.

The Expendable Project remains the most extensive FOI based investigation in the history of Australian journalism.

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." ~ Aldous Huxley


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How a government wilfully withheld vital evidence from a court of law, deceived its public, orchestrated an unprecedented media campaign, and ruthlessly deployed its organs of state against one of its own citizens.

This is a frightening but entirely true narrative; a grotesque political horror story which is still unfolding today. It exposes what happens when an individual’s human rights conflict with strategic political need. It reveals the ruthless use of a government’s organs of state, and a regime of unprecedented opinion management, against a single working class woman and her desperate family.

It presents, and demonstrates, the crushing, pre-meditated, and often brutal acts which a western government is prepared to inflict upon a helpless citizen, in pursuit of political expediency.

The Transit Report
Cables and correspondence: by their own hands
The Mutual Evasion Report
Duplicity, evasion and gross misrepresentation
Supplementary Report
Equivocation, withholding, and evasion of responsibility
The Insider Report
The Australian decimation of Schapelle Corby's appeal
The PowderGate Report
Exploitation, misinformation and manipulation of perception
The Political Seizure Report
Appeal sabotage, abuse endorsement, and extortion
The FOI Abuse Report
Complicity, cover up, and abuse of legal rights
The DFAT Network Report
Hostile propaganda, lobbying, and misinformation
Opinion Management Report
Propaganda and the management of public opinion
The Primary Smear Report
Smears, fabrication and hostile propaganda
The Prison Abuse Report
Human rights abuse, intimidation, discrimination
The Mental Illness Report
The Deterioration & Abuse Of Schapelle Corby
Case Exhibits
Government Cables, Correspondence & Documents
The Whitewash Report
The Cover-Up Of The AFP's Political Role & Corruption
The Absence Of Motive
The absence of any financial benefit of smuggling to Bali
The Quango Report
Cover-up, complicity & the sanctioning of abuse
The Show Trial Report
Legal and human rights abuses at the Bali trial
Media Abuse: Examples
Opinion management, fabrication, & censorship

The Allan Kessing Interview
Airport criminality and the political cover up
The William Moss Interview
Withholding of evidence, complicity
The Col Chapman Interview
Media abuse, smear and fabrication

The Expendable Project is a global collaboration documenting and exposing the wilful political sacrifice of an innocent woman.

"Probably the most disturbing documentary you will ever see"
"Expendable presents, and demonstrates, the crushing, pre-meditated, and often brutal acts
which a government is prepared to inflict upon a helpless citizen, in pursuit of political expediency
"You will be shocked. You will be enraged. You will weep. You will never see politicians in the same way again."
"The shaming of two nations."